Wildlife Tours

Coldwater Alaska Tours

Be captivated by Alaskan Wildlife

See the beauty of Kachemak Bay

Our Captains have great local knowledge of the area and are updated daily on the locations of nearby marine wildlife. They can take you to see everything from puffins and sea otters to whales and sea lions.

Wildlife Tours

Our tours are not pre-fixed routes. Instead, our captains keep track of the seals, porpoises, sea otters, and other marine wildlife and birds that call Kachemak Bay and the surrounding areas home. They take you where the tufted and horned puffins and dall porpoises are that day. And when there is a rare visit by fin whales or sea lions, they know and direct the boats there.

Whale Watching Tours

The summer brings the midnight sun as well as seasoned regulars to Kachemak Bay. During the long summer months humpback whales enjoy a banquet of tiny crustaceans, plankton and small fish in the bay and killer whales feast on salmon. Orca whales are also frequent visitors to the bay where they feed on local salmon runs.

We invite you to join us on a trip to see these majestic giants of the sea, while often also enjoying encounters with other marine creatures or the occasional bear or mountain goat along the shore.

The Details

The Details

  • Wildlife and Custom Tours are offered Year-round
  • Whale Watching Tours run June-September. Peak season is July-August
  • Duration
  • All standard tours are 2 hours in length. We are happy to do custom length tours as well. Please call for inquiries.
  • Price
  • Adult (Ages 13+): $95
  • Child (Ages 12 & under): $75
  • Private Charter (2 hours, up to 6 Passengers): $570
  • Access the remote wonders of Kachemak State Park and the Lower Kenai Peninsula with Coldwater Alaska.


    Coldwater Alaska provides water taxi and guided tours throughout the Kachemak Bay. We operate year round, offering access to the bay and the surrounding areas for those who seek to adventure, transport goods, or otherwise get out and see this amazing part of Alaska.