Homer, Alaska
Water Taxi.
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Homer, Alaska
Water Taxi
Freight Services

Coldwater Alaska

With Coldwater Alaska your Alaskan adventure doesn’t need to stop when the road ends. We give you custom access to  Kachemak Bay and remote locations on the Alaskan coastline. Whether you are looking to hike and camp in locations with boat-only access, view Alaskan wildlife, haul supplies and gear, or have something else in mind requiring custom charter services, we have you covered.

A black and white whale depicting what is found on a Coldwater Alaska tour

Coldwater ALASKA Services

Wildlife Tours

Be captivated by Alaskan Wildlife

A trip to Alaska wouldn’t be complete without viewing seacoast and marine wildlife. From whale watching for orcas or humpbacks, to birding for some of Alaska’s 500 migratory and indigenous birds, Coldwater Alaska’s wildlife tours allow you to enjoy one of Alaska’s most popular activities.

Outdoor Adventures

Create your own Alaskan adventure

Dreaming of exploring some of Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park’s 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests and ocean? Our boats give you access to popular remote destinations for hiking, camping, photography, backcountry skiing, kayaking, and more.

Water Taxi

Travel by boat across Kachemak Bay

Most places along Kachemak bay are accessible only by boat. We provide a safe and reliable water taxi from Homer, Alaska across Kachemak Bay year-round.


The final frontier of Alaska is underwater…

Book a custom trip to hunt halibut, salmon, or lingcod in totally uncharted waters. Spearfishing in Alaska is the adventure of a lifetime for passionate spearos.

Freight Transport & Custom Solutions

We can haul almost any freight or cargo throughout the Kachemak Bay area. We’d love to be part of making your project a success.


Coldwater Alaska provides water taxi and guided tours throughout the Kachemak Bay. We operate year round, offering access to the bay and the surrounding areas for those who seek to adventure, transport goods, or otherwise get out and see this amazing part of Alaska.